Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

Good design communicates volumes about your business and what it stands for

As highly experienced design professionals we provide a range of creative services aimed at raising the profile of your brand.


We begin by getting beneath the ‘skin’ of your business to understand your goals, vision, values and target audience. We can then work on creating a brand identity that sensitively reflects what you stand for.

Logo design

Central to your visual identity is your logo. What does it say about your business: fun, serious, wacky, established, cutting-edge…? Whether consciously or not, we all make emotional decisions about a brand based on this visual language. Font, colour, icons imagery – all play a vital role in creating a logo that symbolises your brand and secures it in the public imagination.

Stationery, literature and print advertising

Despite what our name may suggest, we aren’t only involved in digital design. We also have the expertise to deal with all aspects of your offline marketing collateral – print ads, brochures, leaflets, flyers, labels, posters, business cards, letter heads and compliment slips. You name it, we’ve got it covered.

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